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May 15, 2023

Imagine Clearwater - Coachman Park


Imagine Clearwater: A Visionary Venue Set to Captivate Audiences

Clearwater, Florida, eagerly awaits the grand opening of its latest cultural gem, Imagine Clearwater. This visionary venue, slated to open its doors in just a few short months, promises to revolutionize the entertainment landscape of the region. Boasting a state-of-the-art design and a commitment to fostering artistic expression, Imagine Clearwater is poised to become a magnet for locals and tourists alike.


At the heart of Imagine Clearwater's allure is its innovative architectural concept. The venue's striking modern design blends seamlessly with the surrounding natural beauty of Clearwater's waterfront. With a capacity of over 5,000, the amphitheater will offer an intimate yet electrifying experience for concertgoers. The open-air setup, complete with acoustically optimized features, guarantees exceptional sound quality, ensuring that every performance resonates with the audience's soul.


Beyond its physical appeal, Imagine Clearwater is set to become a vibrant hub for artistic collaboration and community engagement. The venue plans to host a diverse range of events, including live music concerts, theatrical performances, art exhibits, and cultural festivals. By providing a platform for both established and emerging artists, Imagine Clearwater aims to nurture local talent and expose audiences to a rich tapestry of creative expressions.


Additionally, Imagine Clearwater's commitment to sustainability is commendable. The venue has incorporated eco-friendly practices throughout its design and operations, including solar energy generation, water conservation systems, and recycling initiatives. This environmentally conscious approach not only reduces the venue's carbon footprint but also serves as an inspiration to visitors, encouraging them to embrace sustainable living practices in their own lives.


The economic impact of Imagine Clearwater cannot be overlooked. The venue's anticipated popularity will undoubtedly attract visitors from far and wide, resulting in a significant boost to the local economy. Hotels, restaurants, and businesses in the surrounding area stand to benefit from increased tourism and patronage. Furthermore, the venue's ability to attract top-tier performers will elevate Clearwater's cultural standing, solidifying its reputation as a premier destination for entertainment and the arts.


As the countdown to the grand opening of Imagine Clearwater begins, excitement and anticipation fill the air. The stage is set for an immersive and unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression on all who pass through its gates. Clearwater's residents and visitors are ready to embark on a new chapter in the city's cultural evolution, where imagination knows no bounds, and the transformative power of art reigns supreme.


In the meantime, mark your calendars for the upcoming events that will celebrate Clearwater's rich cultural heritage. On June 28, Clearwater Celebrates Coachman Park, followed by Clearwater Celebrates Diversity and Culture on June 29. June 30 brings Clearwater Celebrates Music, while July 1 is dedicated to Clearwater Celebrates Community. Clearwater Celebrates Hispanic Culture takes place on July 2, and July 3 is all about Clearwater Celebrates Wellness. The grand finale, Clearwater Celebrates America, will captivate audiences on July 4. These events, held at Imagine Clearwater, promise an exciting array of entertainment, art, and community engagement. Join Clearwater in these celebrations and be part of the city's vibrant cultural tapestry.

Imagine Clearwater is poised to become an iconic symbol of creativity, unity, and inspiration for years to come.


- Kenneth G. Arsenault, III

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May 3, 2023

The Beachwise Real Estate Market Report Clearwater to St. Pete

What you need to know about the housing market for Pinellas County Beaches and more!

Kristin Vincelli, Rollerblading Realtor
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Kristin Vincelli Clearwater Beach Realtor (@rollerbladingrealtor) | Instagram

The beach sand is getting hot again so bring your flip flops with you to the beach if you’re planning a trip.

I am glad you are here because this market report is going to bring you up to speed on all things real estate for the beach communities of Pinellas County from Clearwater Beach all the way to Pasadena. 

Here is a summary of what you need to know…

Median sale prices are up in 5 out of 11 categories.  The condo market in Clearwater Beach and Indian Rocks Beach led the way up 12% year over year (YOY) both at 10-year highs.  Single family home prices were also up 12% in Clearwater Beach to $1,800,000.  Condo prices in Madeira Beach declined 56% but saw single family homes rise 13%.  St. Pete had declines in both the condo and single-family market, down 16% and 13%. 

Active listings are up substantially in all areas.  The amount of time homes are staying on the market is also increasing.  Homes in the $400,000 to $700,000 range are still getting multiple offers and seem to be that sweet spot for buyers.  However, buyers interested in million-dollar homes seem to be content waiting it out for reduced price.

Where is this market heading?  Active listings are up 200% while new listings, new under contracts, new pending contracts are all down by more than 15% countywide.  The market is slowing down even as prices rise in some markets.  Buyers have the leverage as the market continues to shift.  Real estate on and near the beach is still in high demand here so we do not expect prices to experience a sustained correction in price.  Keep an eye on the city of Clearwater downtown area, Largo and Gulfport.  Home prices are still in the 300k to 600k range and there are a lot of new developments taking place. 


Clearwater Beach, Sand Key Beach, Island Estates

Condo and Townhomes:
Median sale price $754,900 up 12% YOY
Previous month $756,250
One year ago $665,000
10-year high $757,500 April 2021

Average days on the market 37
One year ago 24
5-year high 151 March 2019

Average sale price to original list price 97%
One year ago 97.7%

Closed sales 47
One year ago 62
5-year high 76 March 2020

Active Listings 133
One year ago 35
5-year high 288 February 2019

New Pending Sales 48
One year ago 68
5-year high 83 March 2020

Single Family Homes:
Median sale price $1,800,000 up 12% YOY
Previous month $1,192,500
One year ago $1,487,500
5-year high $2,200,000 June 2021

Average days on the market 80
One year ago 36
5-year high 197 March 2019

Average sale price to original list price 84% down 13%
One year ago 97.3%

Closed sales 11
One year ago 8
5-year high 16 May 2018

Active Listings 25
One year ago 4
5-year high 69 May 2018

New Pending Sales 5
One year ago 10
5-year high 15 February 2019

Indian Rocks and Indian Shores Beach 33785
Condo and Townhomes:
Median sale price $865,278 – 10 YR high
Previous month $735,000
One year ago $774,886
10-year high $865,278 Current month

Average days on the market 49
One year ago 5
5-year high 162 October 2017

Average sale price to original list price 88.6% down 12% YOY
One year ago 100.4%

Closed sales 13
One year ago 35
5-year high 42 April 2020

Active Listings 53
One year ago 4
5-year high 288 February 2019

New Pending Sales 26
One year ago 21

Single Family Homes:
Median sale price $1,297,500 down 35% YOY
Previous month $1,775,000
One year ago $1,975,000
10-year high $1,975,000 March 2021

Average days on the market 54
One year ago 51
5-year high 166 September 2018

Average sale price to original list price 87% down 16%
One year ago 103.1%

Closed sales 8
One year ago 5
5-year high 16 June 2020

Active Listings 14
One year ago 4
5-year high 43 February 2018

New Pending Sales 8
One year ago 4

Belleair Beach 33786
Condo and Single Family Combined:
Median sale price $747,000 down 14% YOY
Previous month $670,000
One year ago $869,000
5-year high $2,912,000 Jan 2022

Average days on the market 46
One year ago 61
5-year high 292 November 2018

Average sale price to original list price 90% down 8% YOY
One year ago 98.1%

Closed sales 5
One year ago 11
5-year high 16 July 2019

Active Listings 19
One year ago 6
5-year high 45 November 2017

New Pending Sales 3
One year ago 5

Madeira Beach, Redington Beach 33708

Condo and Townhomes:
Median sale price $357,500 down 56% from one year ago
Previous month $420,000
One year ago $635,000
5-year high $703,500 December 2021

Average days on the market 16
One year ago 4

Average sale price to original list price 93.3% down 8% YOY
One year ago 101.4%

Closed sales 38
One year ago 38
5-year high 68 Dec 2017

Active Listings 91
One year ago 22
5-year high 173 January 2018

New Pending Sales 44
One year ago 40

Single Family Homes:
Median sale price $620,576 up 13% YOY
Previous month $585,000
One year ago $540,000
5-year high $888,000 December 2022

Average days on the market 43
One year ago 4
Average sale price to original list price 93.3% down 6% YOY
One year ago 98%

Closed sales 24
One year ago 20
5-year high 37 August 2020

Active Listings 55
One year ago 18
5-year high 101 April 2017

New Pending Sales 22
One year ago 50

St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island 33706

Condo and Townhomes:
Median sale price
$450,000 down 16% YOY
Previous month $467,000
One year ago $536,612
5-year high $570,000 January 2021

Average days on the market 46
One year ago 5

Average sale price to original list price 92.8%
One year ago 98.6%

Closed sales 29
One year ago 39
5-year high 76 April 2020

Active Listings 117
One year ago 26
5-year high 186 February 2018

New Pending Sales 44
One year ago 52

Single Family Homes:
Median sale price
$1,057,500 down 13% YOY
Previous month $1,355,000
One year ago $1,212,000
5-year high $1,680,000 December 2022

Average days on the market 40
One year ago 7

Average sale price to original list price 90% down 7% YOY
One year ago 97.6%

Closed sales 26
One year ago 22
5-year high 45 December 2020

Active Listings 79
One year ago 24
5-year high 129 March 2019

New Pending Sales 24
One year ago 25

Gulfport, Pasadena 33707
Condo and Townhomes:
Median sale price $392,500 up 14% YOY
Previous month no change
One year ago $339,900
5-year high $450,000 November 2021

Average days on the market 18
One year ago 5

Average sale price to original list price 94.3% down 5.7% YOY
One year ago 100%

Closed sales 36
One year ago 29
5-year high 47 May 2021

Active Listings 70
One year ago 33
5-year high 102 January 2018

New Pending Sales 30
One year ago 40

Single Family Homes:
Median sale price $420,000 down 12% YOY
Previous month $408,100
One year ago $475,000
5-year high $545,000 December 2020

Average days on the market 12
One year ago 4

Average sale price to original list price 94% down 8% YOY
One year ago 102%

Closed sales 45
One year ago 46
5-year high 57 May 2020

Active Listings 66
One year ago 23
5-year high 119 April 2018

New Pending Sales 55
One year ago 47


Snapshot for Pinellas County as a whole



If you liked this month’s market report, please send me an email or text with your feedback.  I would love to hear from you.  If there is an area I can cover for you just let us know and we can prepare a report for you.  Whatever your Real Estate needs are my team and I can help.


Have a great MAY 2023 and maybe I will see you at the beach!


April 28, 2023

Lending Blacklist What Buyers and Sellers Should Know

I found this great article about condo financing that both buyers and sellers should become familiar with.  Unfortunately, many buyers and sellers get halfway through the buying process with a lender only to find out that the condo building is not financeable using Fannie Mae condo guidelines.  If you are working with a lender, it is highly recommended that you have them search the Fannie Mae database of approved condos before you begin the process of buying.  This will save you, the seller and everyone involved a lot of time and heartache if done up front.  Make sure the lender sends you confirmation of the approved building and if they cannot consult your lender on what the steps are to get the building approved. 

For a great condo lender, I use give me a text or call me at 727-686-1596.  I would love to share with you.  Most of my business is condos so I am very familiar with the process.  My husband and I have had a mortgage company as well and have been on the other side.

See you on the beach!

Kristin Vincelli
The Rollerblading Realtor… Kristin Vincelli Clearwater Beach Realtor (@rollerbladingrealtor) | Instagram


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have a growing list of “do not lend to” U.S. condo complexes that buyers don’t discover until they apply for a loan and get rejected.


ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. – Jeff and Melaina Brill will long remember February 2023 as the month they went through a complicated pregnancy and a hellish home sale at the same time.

In the end, their new baby girl and their escrow both turned out fine.

Their daughter, Aurora, was delivered by C-section on March 2. Three and a half hours later, they got a text saying the two-bedroom condo the family of five had outgrown had been sold as well.

“(The sale) seemed like a shoo-in, and we were on the edge of celebrating when we started getting messages from the Realtor that there’s some kind of problem with the building,” Jeff Brill said. “My wife was already concerned about the pregnancy situation. Now we’re adding to the stress of ‘do we sell this place or not?’”

Unbeknownst to the Brills, their real estate agent or their homeowners’ association, mortgage giant Fannie Mae had put their building, the Harbor Lofts condominiums in downtown Anaheim, California, on a secret list of condos ineligible for Fannie-backed mortgages. They didn’t find out about it until their buyers applied for a loan near the end of a three-week escrow.

All over America, condo buyers and sellers have been getting similar surprises.

In response to the Surfside, Fla., condo collapse that killed 98 people and caused more than $1 billion in property losses, conventional lending giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac drafted new lending standards last year to weed out condos and co-ops with deferred maintenance, structural safety issues or shaky finances.

As a result, a growing number of complexes wound up on what some call Fannie Mae’s “blacklist.”

Many, like the Harbor Lofts, got put on the list because of construction defect litigation between the owners and the builder. In February, residents of 6,102 condos at Laguna Woods Village learned their homes were added to the list because their HOA’s insurance is insufficient.

But it’s hard to know that a building is on the list, let alone why it got put there. Fannie’s list is confidential, available only to lenders and servicers.

As a result, condo buyers and owners are often unaware they can’t get cheaper conventional financing until they apply for a loan – sometimes while in the middle of a sale.

“It’s a crapshoot,” said Orest Tomaselli, project review president for CondoTek, a Philadelphia-based company that provides documents and services to condo and co-op lenders. “The only way for you to find out if a (condo) project is on that list is if you apply for a mortgage and the lender runs that project to see if it’s unavailable. And only then, typically, is a buyer informed.”

The number of buildings on Fannie’s list is relatively small, but it’s growing fast. In the 16 months since the new standards took effect, Fannie Mae’s list of ineligible condos and co-ops grew from about 900 nationwide to more than 1,400, Tomaselli said. Of those, just over 60 are in Southern California.

But once a property lands on that list, buyers or owners seeking to refinance can’t get cheap, conventional mortgages. For a median-priced Southern California condo, that means paying 2.5 percentage points more in interest and $769 more per month in mortgage payments.

That affects the pool of buyers, limiting sales to those who are paying cash or willing to get higher-cost financing.

“You’re essentially blacklisting the (condo) community, and that affects values,” said David Gaylord, a mortgage broker with Arbor Financial in Laguna Niguel.

There are 132,000 to 157,000 condo and co-op complexes in the U.S., according to the Community Associations Institute.

While Freddie Mac doesn’t maintain a list of ineligible condos or co-ops, both Freddie and Fannie adopted “temporary” guidelines in January and February 2022 making such communities ineligible for conventional loans if they have significant deferred maintenance or lack the reserves or insurance for future repairs.

Both Fannie and Freddie required HOAs to complete a new questionnaire to determine if complexes are in serious disrepair or lack the financial wherewithal for renovations, Tomaselli said.

Lenders who sell their mortgages to Fannie and Freddie also are expected to take a deeper dive into condo or co-op documents, reviewing six months of HOA meeting minutes and examining inspection and engineering reports from the past five years.

Soon after the new guidelines took effect, the Mortgage Bankers Association and the National Association of Realtors called for a pause in their implementation, saying Fannie and Freddie need to clarify the requirements and overhaul the HOA questionnaire.

Fannie and Freddie defended the new guidelines, saying they’re meant to protect lenders and borrowers, adding that just 1% of the nation’s condos and co-ops are on Fannie’s list. “These measures help protect borrowers from physically unsafe or financially unstable (condo or co-op) projects,” a spokesperson said in an email.

Like Fannie Mae, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) keeps a list of condos and co-ops ineligible for FHA mortgages. But the FHA makes its list public, even providing an online search engine to look up the eligibility status of condo complexes.

A Fannie Mae spokesperson declined to explain why its list is private.

But real estate agents, mortgage brokers and industry insiders say it should be public.

“Shouldn’t homebuyers, shouldn’t Realtors, shouldn’t HOAs themselves know if somehow they wound up on this bad list?” asked Kelly Richardson of Pasadena, an HOA attorney and a contributing writer for the Southern California News Group. “It reminds me of double secret probation from that famous old comedy (“Animal House”). … We’re not going to tell you that you’re on that status, but we’re also not going to tell you why you’re on that status.”

Fannie Mae said a complex’s status can change when sufficient documentation is provided to confirm eligibility issues have been resolved. But because the list is secret, HOAs have a hard time finding out why they’re on the list or how to get off it, industry officials said.

It’s easy for a local loan officer to input the wrong data or check the wrong box, they said.

Making the list public provides “greater transparency,” said Ken Fears, NAR’s director of conventional finance and valuation policy. “We think it would be a real benefit to the industry – not just servicers and lenders but also real estate agents or the HOAs,” Fears said. “If there’s erroneous information about the property on this registry, there’s no way for an HOA or agent to know about it or to contest it, and that’s very problematic.”

Finding out mid-escrow you can’t get conventional financing could put a condo purchase out of reach for some buyers because they might need a bigger down payment or because they don’t meet stricter credit requirements, said Los Angeles mortgage broker Joshua Wolfson, owner of Executive Funding Solutions. “If you haven’t met any of those other requirements, you may not be able to buy that property,” Wolfson said. “You may fall out of escrow.”

Some HOA attorneys advise their clients not to fill out the new questionnaires, saying there’s too much risk, Richardson said.

HOA board members and community managers aren’t engineers or architects, yet they’re asked to answer questions as if they were, industry officials said.

“What if you say everything’s great, but it’s not? Or what if you say there is a structural deficiency, and they don’t get their loans, but you were wrong?” asked Natalie Stewart, president of FHA Review, a Huntington Beach firm that helps condo developments qualify for FHA and Veterans Affairs funding. “You’re putting a lot of pressure on somebody who doesn’t have the resources to answer the question correctly.”

At the Mariposa in Plum Canyon condos in Santa Clarita, word has gotten around about being on Fannie’s list, Re/Max agent Chad Hartman. The complex of attached townhomes has been on the list for at least a year because of its construction defect lawsuit against the builder.

“My guess would be it was a pretty painful process the first few deals when people found out. (But) it’s been known since,” Hartman said. “The local agents, we’ve known about this for a long time.”

But nobody knew about the list at the Harbor Lofts – until the Brills’ escrow almost fell through and saddled the couple with an extra mortgage they couldn’t afford.

Expecting their third child, the Brills decided to sell their 1,859-square-foot condo after they looked around and asked, “Where do we put the nursery?” They already were sharing their condo with their two sons, Eli, 4, and Levi, 2.

“We needed to move somewhere that had more bedrooms,” Jeff Brill said.

The couple bought a four-bedroom, two-story house in Anaheim Hills and moved last December. Then they put the condo up for sale. Jeff Brill, who works at Blizzard Entertainment, calculated he could pay overlapping mortgages for just two or three months.

Despite a slow housing market, the Brills’ condo sold within a week at $100 over their asking price. The buyers were eager to move in, offering to close in just three weeks.

“We had really good buyers who loved the property,” said Cindy Uhrik, the Brills’ agent. “About two weeks into the escrow, we found out they couldn’t get their loan.” The reason shocked her since the Harbor Lofts didn’t show up on the FHA’s ineligible list, and “FHA is more stringent than Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.”

The escrow got extended one week. Then another. The Brills considered selling their new house to avoid paying two mortgages for a fourth month.

“Sleepless nights? For sure for my wife,” Jeff Brill said. “What does it look like if we have to box the stuff up again and tell the kids this isn’t our home?”

The buyers, meanwhile, went from lender to lender, finally getting approved for a loan, but at a higher cost. The Brills coughed up $15,000 to cover the buyers’ added finance costs.

Then, it was on to the next challenge: Melaina’s labor, scheduled for March 2. The C-section took a little longer than expected. But in the end, little Aurora was delivered, beautiful and healthy.

Meanwhile, Uhrik had a delivery of her own. She was determined to close escrow before Aurora was born. Instead, both deliveries occurred simultaneously. The Brills were in the recovery room feeding their newborn when Jeff Brill’s phone made a little pop.

“Escrow’s closed,” the text read. “Everything’s complete.”

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March 3, 2023

Top Agent Award 2023 - Congratulations Kristin Vincelli!

I am truly grateful to have received this reward.  It has been an amazing journey the last 10 years.   

Thank you to all my clients whom I call friends, family and support team.  Without all of you this would not have been possible.  I appreciate all of you.

Looking forward to the next 10 years and having all of you be a part of it.

Kristin Vincelli
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Over $250,000,000 Sold and Closed!

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Feb. 19, 2023

Clearwater Beach Housing and Real Estate Market Report February 2023

The Beachwise Real Estate Housing market report for Clearwater Beach to St. Pete Beach for February 2023   

Summary:  Prices and other key metrics at 5-year averages.  Homes are staying on the market longer.  Multiple offers on beach condos and homes that are fully updated.  New construction along the beaches creating areas of opportunity.  Are we back to normal?  We are most likely going to be seeing a high and medium range now for the next several months and even years.  Most likely testing highs and then slowly coming back down.  Out on the street, activity has really picked up since the new year began.  I am even seeing multiple offers on updated properties that are move in ready.  Buyers are still being patient however as homes are staying on the market longer each month.  3 things I will be watching moving forward:

·        How long are homes staying on the market? 

·        What is the final sale price compared to original listing price?    

·        Steady gains in pending sales and new contracts.


Clearwater Beach, Sand Key Beach, Island Estates 33767

Condo 33767
Demand for homes and condos in Clearwater Beach is still high. 

  • New listings and new pending sales jumped to 6-month highs. 
  • Median sale price of condos dropped 11% from previous month and was down 9% year over year. 
  • New pending sales increased to 34 up from 22 the previous month.
  • New listings increased to 44 up from 33 the previous month.   
  • Average days on the market is 59 – up 63% from previous month of 22 days.
  • Sellers on average received 91% of list price this month compared to 93% the previous month.  The 5-year average is 97.3%

Single family 33767
With only 1 sale in January, we are unable to give an accurate average for the month as it sold for over $4,000,000.  One year ago, home prices averaged $879,500. The good news is that January saw new pending sales and new listings jump 60%. 

Median Sold Price condo $610,000                                  
5-yr Avg $596,480

Median Sold Price Single Family $4,455,000                               
5-yr Avg $1,629,000

Closed Sales 20                                                        
5-yr Avg 38

Months of supply 3.9                                              
5-yr Avg 3.9

Active Listings 150                                       
5-yr Avg 179

New Pending sales 44                                             
5-yr Avg 64



Imagine Clearwater estimate completion date July 2023

City of Clearwater inland including downtown area 33755

Leave the beach and just over the causeway is potential…I am looking at Clearwater downtown as the next hot spot.  Cleveland street East is being entirely redone.  Downtown has an amazing view of the sunset sitting at restaurants looking at million-dollar yachts.  It's really a fun vibe. My office and home are here and can tell you each time I drive through the area, my excitement builds.  The $60,000,000 re-development of Coachman Park, called Imagine Clearwater, is almost done.  Concerts and events are already scheduled for July with top artists.  Can’t wait to see this completed and the energy it will bring to downtown.  How much better can Clearwater get?

New condos and more on the way are pushing prices to new highs.  Although not on the beach sand the intracoastal can still sport amazing views.  Check out one of my listings at the New Construction condos at Marina Bay 920 N Osceola Avenue Unit 404, Clearwater, 33755 ( and you will see what I mean.

Median price single family $342,500
5-yr Avg $258,650

Median price condo $525,000
5-yr Avg $280,190

New listings up 39
5-yr Avg 45

New pending sales 42
5-yr Avg 53

Average days on the market 59    
5-yr Avg 44

Final sale price vs original list price 89.5
5-yr Avg 94.4



pic of Marker 48 Dunedin

Dunedin 34698
Single family homes in Dunedin have the lowest average for days on the market in the entire county.  Prices are in a nice range compared to Clearwater, Island Estates, and Belleair.  The city has amazing restaurants and family friendly events all year.  There is golf, Honeymoon Island State Park, the beautiful causeway out to the park, the downtown marina, holiday parades and community park for farmers markets, not to mention a brand-new baseball stadium with year-round activities and games.  I was a Dunedin resident for 3 years, while raising my son 8 years ago and have many fond memories still today.

Median sale price CONDO $240,000
5-year average $229,330                                                   

Median sale price SINGLE FAMILY $452,500
5-year average $366,500

Average days on market 44
5-year average 40

New listings 77
5-year average 81

New pending sales 82
5-year average 101

Final sale price vs original list price 93.6%
5-year average 95.7



st. pete beach 

Treasure Island and St. Pete Beach 33706
Click here to see new construction listings in 33706 - 8 listings

Click here to see FIXER uppers in Pinellas County - 41 listings

Click here to see condos daily weekly rentals under $500,000 – 49 listings

Median sale price condo $499,000
5-year average $394,200                                       

Median sale price single family $1,431,250
5-year average $782,450

Average days on market 49
5-year average 47

New listings 58
5-year average 78

New pending sales 57
5-year average 77

Final sale price vs original list price 90.3%
5-year average 94.6%


Thank you for taking the time to read my report.  If I left anything out that you might want to know just let me know. 

Check out my new listings here Beachwise Real Estate - Homes for Sale in Clearwater Beach

FOLLOW ME see what I’m up to Kristin Vincelli Clearwater Beach Realtor (@rollerbladingrealtor) • Instagram photos and videos


Call me anytime to talk 727-686-1596 about the market or just to say Hi!  Love talking with you.






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Feb. 8, 2023

Price Slowdown? Profits Still Rising Florida

Money exchanging hands2022 Price Slowdown? Sellers’ Profits Still Rose

Prices didn’t stop rising in 2022, increases just slowed. U.S. sellers averaged a $112K profit, up 21% – and eight of the top investment returns were in Fla. metros.

IRVINE, Calif. – According to Attom’s end-of-year report, the typical sales profit percentage rose from 2021’s 45% to 51% last year, even with values dropping in the second half of 2022. Overall, home values rose 10%.

Florida, however, led Attom’s list for price gains after Hilo, Hawaii (100% return on investment or ROI); Lake Havasu City-Kingman, Arizona (88.4%); and Spokane, Washington (86.2%).

Florida metro areas’ return on investment in 2022

  1. Fort Myers (ROI up from 51% in 2021 to 85.4% in 2022)
  2. Ocala (up from 49.7% to 82.4%)
  3. Naples (up from 44.7% to 74.4%)
  4. Port St. Lucie (up from 62.8% to 84.8%)
  5. Miami (up from 42.9% of 64.1%).
  6. Orlando (ROI up from 42.2% to 62.2%)
  7. Tampa (up from 53.8% to 73.8%)
  8. Jacksonville (up from 43.7% to 58.4%)

Attom found higher profits from 2021 to 2022 in 98% of housing markets with enough data to analyze – the highest level in the United States since at least 2008.

The $112,000 profit on a median-priced home sale in 2022 was a 51.4% ROI compared to the original purchase price, up from 44.6% in 2021 and 32.8% in 2020. The latest profit margin was also the highest since at least 2008.

Attom graphs showing 20 years of sellers gains

“It seems pretty likely that home seller profits peaked for this cycle in 2022,” says Rick Sharga, executive vice president of market intelligence at Attom. “Median prices have declined on a monthly basis since mortgage rates doubled between January and October and are likely to decline further in many markets across the country in 2023, reducing profitability for home sellers.”

Attom also found that all but two out of 157 metros saw 2021-2022 price increases, with an increase greater than 10% in 85 of those cities.

Florida metros again scored some of the highest numbers:

  1. Naples (median up 26.9%)
  2. Fort Myers (up 26.7%)
  3. Lakeland (up 25.7%)
  4. Port St. Lucie (up 24.6%)
  5. Ocala (up 23.8%)

In a look at metro areas with a population of at least 1 million, Tampa came in first (up 21.9%), followed by Raleigh, North Carolina (up 17.9%); Austin, Texas (up 17.9%); Orlando (up 17.7%); and Tucson, Arizona (up 17.2%).

However, some U.S. metros saw a drop in 2022 ROI. Attom found the biggest drops in Salem, Oregon (ROI down from 82.7% to 43.1%); Atlanta (down from 43.9% to 36%); Boise, Idaho (down from 75.9% to 68.9%); Prescott, Arizona, (down from 82.7% to 75.9%) and Sacramento, California (down from 61% to 54.7%).

Home seller tenure near 10-year low

Home sellers who sold in the fourth quarter of 2022 had owned their homes an average of 5.85 years, a drop from 5.96 years in the previous quarter and from 6.05 years year-to-year. The latest figure represented the third-shortest average home-seller tenure since 2012.

Average seller tenures declined in three out of four U.S. metros (72%) of the 107 metro areas with a population of at least 200,000.

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Feb. 8, 2023

Housing Crash in Florida?

Two stick figures push soap bubblesHousing Crash Predicted for 4 Cities – None in Fla.

Goldman Sachs 2023 prediction includes a 2008-type housing crisis, but only in four U.S. cities it considers “overheated”: San Jose, Austin, Phoenix and San Diego.

NEW YORK – Goldman Sachs is predicting dark days in 2023 for some of the pandemic’s red-hot U.S. housing markets. The investment bank shied away from predicting a nationwide crash but warned that residents in four cities in particular could see plummeting values that echo the 2008 housing collapse, according to a note to clients obtained by the New York Post.

The “overheated” markets mentioned in the note were: San Jose, California; Austin, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; and San Diego, California.

Goldman now believes that interest rates will remain high longer than expected, and notified clients that the bank is raising its forecast for the 30-year fixed mortgage rate to 6.5% for year-end 2023.

September 2022 marked the first time since the 2008 housing crisis that the average long-term mortgage rate surpassed 6%.

High mortgage rates, combined with soaring home prices, are currently driving some buyers away and contributing to a cooling housing market.

Austin, ranked the hottest real estate market in the U.S. in 2021 by Zillow, has fallen to 30th for 2023. The company’s report called the market “ice cold” and stated that homes are now spending an average of 68 days on the market, more than any other major U.S. metro. The Austin Board of Realtors has pushed back against the report, saying that there is still “incredibly high demand.”

But just how bad could things get in 2023?

Prices are expected to fall less than 2% in cities like New York and Chicago, according to Goldman, and even grow in others, like Baltimore and Miami.

In cities where valuations have drifted far from fundamentals, the decline is expected to be far more devastating, according to the note.

“This [national] decline should be small enough as to avoid broad mortgage credit stress, with a sharp increase in foreclosures nationwide seeming unlikely,” Goldman Sachs wrote. “That said, overheated housing markets in the Southwest and Pacific coast, such as San Jose MSA, Austin MSA, Phoenix MSA, and San Diego MSA will likely grapple with peak-to-trough declines of over 25%, presenting localized risk of higher delinquencies for mortgages originated in 2022 or late 2021.”

National Association of Realtors Chief Economist Lawrence Yun said in his 2023 forecast that he sees “hopeful signs” for the country as a whole and expects housing prices to be flat on average.

“Half of the country may experience small price gains, while the other half may see slight price declines,” Yun said. The exceptions, however, are markets like the San Francisco Bay Area, where San Jose is located, which he predicts will see potential 10-15% drops in 2023.

“Mortgage rates are the lifeblood that drive home sales,” Yun said. The average rate on a 30-year loan was 6.15% this week, nearly a full point below the 7.08% high of September 2022.

The same rate was 3.56% at this time last year, according to Freddie Mac.

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Feb. 8, 2023

A Housing Recovery?


photo illustration of hands pointing to various size arrowsReport: Housing Market Has Started to Recover

While the phrase “not out of the woods yet” is still used, Redfin economists say the market probably hit its cycle-low through the second week of Nov. 2022.

SEATTLE – The housing market has begun to recover after hitting a low point in the second week of November, according to a report from Redfin.

The reason for Redfin’s estimation: The number of its customers requesting first tours has improved 17 percentage points from the November trough, and the number of people contacting agents to start the buying process has improved 13 points. Year-to-year, home tours and service requests are down 23% and 27% respectively, but that’s still an improvement from the November when both were down 40%.

Polled Redfin agents report that bidding wars are even back in some markets, including Central Florida, along with Seattle and Richmond, Virginia. Demand is still down from early 2022 highs, but Redfin calls it a “new phase” and says well-priced listings sell quickly.

Homebuyers return.

In fall 2022, many buyers saw their dreams disappear when mortgage rates rose about 7%. But as a result of acclimating to 7% rates, recent drops closer to 6% now seem to more buyers like an unexpected opportunity. Some qualified buyers are even managing to score a rate in the high 5-percent range now.

“I’ve seen more homes go under contract this month than in the entire fourth quarter. Listings that were stagnant in November and December are suddenly getting one to two offers,” says San Jose Redfin agent Angela Langone.

Mortgage applications are up 28% compared to early November, and the typical homebuyer’s mortgage payment is down 10% (about $180) since fall.

The rise in demand has even led to bidding wars in selected metros. Eric Auciello, Redfin’s team manager in Tampa, has seen three modest single-family homes priced around $300,000 wind up in bidding wars in central Florida this month, with 16, 17 and 23 competing offers, respectively.

Further south, in Palm Beach, most well-priced homes are getting multiple offers, but competition is nowhere near 2021 levels, according to local Redfin agent Elena Fleck: “Homes in coveted locations with recent upgrades or renovations – those are the homes getting multiple offers.”

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Jan. 15, 2023

January Housing Update Clearwater Beach

I hope all is well and your January is off to a great start.  I thought I would share some of what I am seeing in the local market with you just in case you were wondering.  In all active listings are rising, sellers are reducing prices after a certain period, those units fully updated are moving quickly and holding firm on prices.  

Beach condo under $500,000 daily-weekly-monthly rental  -  236 active listings, 132 price reductions, inlcudes beachfront area condos daily to monthly rentals okay

New Construction Homes Clearwater - St. Pete Beach area  -  47 active listings, 7 price reductions, inlcludes the beachfront area from Tarpon Springs down to Tierre Verde from $100,000 to $10,000,000

Fixer Uppers in Pinellas County Investors  -  43 active listings, 12 price reductions, includes all homes listed as investor fixer upper in Pinellas County no price limit

See you on the beach soon!

With my best,

Kristin Vincelli
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Beachwise Real Estate

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Jan. 10, 2023

Analysis 5-year Price History Clearwater Beach to St. Pete Beaches Single Family & Condo

The last 5 years have been extraordinary to say the least. What was the impact of all that has happened in the last 60 months to median sale prices of real estate here on the beaches of Pinellas County?  Historic price trends can be very helpful when we are looking at where these trends may go in the future.  I wanted to share some research I have been doing that I believe can be helpful in the buying/selling decision making process as we get ready for another season here on the beautiful beaches of Pinellas County.   

Clearwater Beach has the highest single family and condo averages.  With the expected completion date of Imagine Clearwater nearing expect this trend to continue.

Indian Rocks and Indian Shores are the second highest. 

Followed by St. Pete, Treasure Island and Madeira Beach.

5-year history of the median sale price for Clearwater Beach, Island Estates, Sand Key Beach 33767

Single family - purple 
Condo - red

60-month average’s
condos/town homes $539,344
single family $1,123,753

5-year history of the median sale price for St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island 33706

Single family - purple 
Condo - red

60-month average’s
condos/town homes $361,658
single family $792,462


5-year history of the median sale price for Madeira Beach to Redington Beach 33708

Single family - purple 
Condo - red


5-year history of the median sale price for Indian Rocks Beach and Indian Shores 33785

Single family - purple 
Condo - red

60-month average’s
condos/town homes $536,630
single family $873,718


I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read our articles.  I hope you found this information helpful.  If you are thinking about buying or selling in the near or distant future, I would like to offer you my personal assistance and expert knowledge of the local market.  You can reach Kristin Vincelli, also known as the rollerblading realtor, anytime at 727-686-1596 and email

The Beachwise Real Estate team is consistently ranked in the top 1% of agents in Pinellas County with an estimated $225 million in transactions.

See you on the beach in 2023!